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 is to eliminate the health consequences associated with tobacco use through: education, prevention, assistance with quitting smoking, and the elimination of secondhand smoke. is a site that has grown over the years and still growing! Unlike some of the other similar sites that charge outrageous prices to place your banner on their site, we feel that we should offer the small business a place to advertise at a reasonable price!

Our partnerships with other major search engines and web sites generate thousands of potential customers and produce highly targeted leads.

Basic advertising includes listings, banners and editorial tie-ins. One month, Three months, Six months and One year period basis.

Talk to us about additional marketing opportunities such as sponsorship, bulletins and direct email advertising. For the appropriate fee, your banner advertisement can be displayed in numerous places on our site including the Home page.


Text Link: No more than a 60-word description of your product, including your product title or name.

Banners: All banners must conform to the following banner specifications:

  • File Format: GIF, JPG or Flash (SWF); File Size: Less than 30K.
  • It is critical that your banner ad be of the highest quality.
  • If you don’t already have a banner our web design studio will be happy to assist you in creating a custom-designed banner for you.


For more information and price please contact us


Payment can be made through PayPal or NETeller. Once we have received your payment, we will provide you with instructions for sending us the necessary information so we may display your links, as you desire. Please allow 24-48 hours for confirmation and link set-up.

Content will only work with companies that compliment our current services. This may include other web sites, health and fitness organizations, product suppliers, magazines, TV shows, trade fairs and the like.
We will be stringent regarding the quality and content of ads and sites advertised. We will only accept sites that will be likely to succeed by advertising with us.


We reserve the right to reject any banner or text advertisement deemed offensive or inappropriate.
We will not carry pop up adverts, as we understand how annoying these can be! Other formats can include JavaScript, buttons, product placement, competition partnerships, e-mail newsletters and more.

We have watched our site grow and know that your business will get hits from placing a banner ad on our site!
Interested? Send in your ideas. We will revert with a proposal.

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