Q: What about the low tar/nicotine brands?

Q: What about the low tar/nicotine brands?
Q: What about the low tar/nicotine brands?

A: Theoretically, the low tar and nicotine brands that have taken over a large share of the Canadian cigarette market in the past few years may offer a slightly reduced risk of lung cancer. But only theoretically.

Several facts not widely known are:

1.The “light” effect is generally acheived through air dilution using ventilation holes near the filter.

2.Regular smokers who switch to those low tar and nicotine cigarettes tend to compensate by smoking more cigarettes, or by inhaling more deeply and longer, or by covering up the ventilation holes. Thus they do not really reduce the amount of tar and nicotine they inhale.

3.Smokers of these cigarettes have a greatly increased risk of heart attack because they get more carbon monoxide by inhaling more deeply and longer.

Are mentholated cigarettes more or less harmful?

About 4% of all Canadian cigarettes sold contain some menthol. The metholated brands contain enough to produce a cool sensation in the throat when smoke is inhaled. Menthol does not add or detract from the harm caused by cigarettes, so far as tests show.

Has it been scientifically proven that cigarette smoking causes cancer?

Smoking is estimated to be responsible for 30% of all cancer deaths and specifically related to about 87% of lung cancer cases. It is also a contributory factor for the development